Garden Fairy

My favourite subject to photograph is my daughter. She looks like a little garden fairy to me. IMG_3617

IMG_3821 IMG_3751



For The Love of Lens

I’ve recently bought an adapter for my Canon 600D so I can use some lenses my mother in law no longer used. A Pentax 1:2 55mm and a Pentax 1:2.8 28mm. They came off her Pentax K1000 and I’ve been having so much fun experimenting with lower apertures. The lowest I’ve ever used was on my 18-135mm kit lens and so it’s weird getting use to the lower F stop and also the fact that it’s a fixed lens without image stabilization and manual focus only. But I find it’s so much more fun and challenging. Here are a few photos I took with it on my first test run.

  IMG_2895 copyIMG_2917 copyIMG_2944 copy

The Beauty On the Inside & Out


I want to start a project that I’ve been thinking about for awhile now but have pushed aside because of my obvious abundance of laziness. I want to take a photo of myself, my husband, our daughter and a group photo of us each week. I have seen those videos online where the parents took a photo every week or even every day from birth to whenever and I was so amazed at the dedication that it took to make sure they got that. I was wondering if my daughter would even think that it would be ‘cool’ when she’s older and realised that I wasn’t just doing it for her, but for myself and for even more future generations. I think it’s fascinating how people change and even how the don’t change. I don’t think I have changed much at all since I first started high school. Most people think I’m still a teenager, generally guessing that I’m 15 years old (A bit ridiculous but that’s honestly what I get!). I guess I should be thankful that I look youthful and take it as a compliment. I have never been able to take a compliment very easily until I had a baby.. I use to be one of those girls that found all the wrong and never the right things about myself and my body. Having a baby at first made that worse for me for the obvious reasons ie. stretch marks, weight gain, always looking tired.. etc. But it really was the opposite. To my surprise I loved my body! I was extremely lucky in that I have next to no stretch marks. I don’t have any in sight as to how not to get stretch marks from pregnancy. I think it was just luck. I had put on weight but it was easy for me to take off with breastfeeding and incorporating my little tiny bundle into my daily exercises (After the doctor gave it the ok). But those weren’t the things that I noticed the most. What I did see was that my body had changed into a more womanly shape. My hips were wider and had curves in places that I hadn’t before. More than that, I realised that loving your body isn’t what you think it is. I have been thin and lean, overweight and chubby, and all the inbetweens and what I think now is that I love my body because of how I treat it. I eat healthy, exercise and don’t put things I think are bad into my body. It has helped me love my body so much more than I ever have. Not to mention that my husband also tells me he loves my body. I use to ignore what he said but now I listen and really know what he means when he says he loves it. I hope that other women and men that are struggling with their self image can see the beauty of their bodies and embrace the changes and nurture themselves in a loving way. This project that I’m starting is exciting for me because I get to document myself so I can remember all the things I love about myself and show my daughter how to love herself too.

I also want to do a self portrait project of my body after having a baby. So many people say to me ‘Having a baby ruins your body’ but it really doesn’t… It’s what you do afterwards that determines whether or not you think your body is beautiful. Love your body and keep it healthy. Show the next generation that their bodies are important on the inside. All of my opinions are just that – my own opinions. Every one sees the world in their own way, I just want to express mine to help people that may be struggling with their self confidence.
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A Different Kind of Trip to the Park

My daughter {Just like most other nearly 2 year olds} loves loves LOVES the park! The trouble is, half the time we go to the park she falls asleep before we even make it half way there. This time in particular I had bought my camera along with me so I thought I’d go over to the skatepark side of the park and take a few shots. Luckily for me there was a couple people there that could land some cool looking moves and didn’t mind me taking photos! Here’s a few I got before a thunderstorm rolled on in…

10258598_10152020911076780_1158961469916681746_o  1618332_10152020911196780_1230164092046223020_o  10256843_10152020912346780_6230265243047701266_o  10258702_10152020911961780_119674577123256862_o   10321790_10152020912106780_7567800464831249688_o  10264018_10152020911271780_9215188288770848098_o 10329843_10152020912446780_4871459696485074943_o  10379904_10152020911121780_3886558995830189383_o

Eilish Rose

My Husband & I sing and play together at wineries, weddings, birthday parties and the in between things. We also have a musician friend who is very talented and super gorgeous! She is only 17 and has a great voice – Very much like Birdy. I took some pictures for a few promotional advertisements not too long ago in my backyard. It was impromptu and very fun. She doesn’t have much of her music online but I’m working on getting some videos up on youtube and she has also won a songwriting competition which includes 2 days in a recording studio, a music video and air time on New Zealand music channel C4. I will post some more information about her and her music in a later post!

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Rarotonga Honeymoon

My husband and I went to Rarotonga for our honeymoon in March this year. It was my first time overseas and I’m addicted! We stayed at the Cooks Oasis. I loved snorkeling with the fishes in the lagoons and reefs. It was probably one of my favourite parts of the trip. Closely in second was the food. YUM YUM YUM! My husband can’t eat seafood without throwing up unless it’s super fresh and well prepared and he ate so much seafood while we were there. The community is very friendly and welcoming. A definite must is hiring a scooter and riding right around the whole island (which is around 32kms altogether and takes about half an hour to go the whole way around). There was so much more that I wanted to do but just didn’t get the time and wasn’t prepared. Next time I’m going to make sure that we plan our days better and save more money before we go so we can do more. More pictures & videos to come!


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Auckland Zoo

I recently went to Auckland Zoo, in New Zealand. I went with my parents and sister and my little family of 3. I’ve always loved going to the zoo but since I’ve moved away from the city and further down the line I haven’t been for awhile. Now I finally decided it was time to take my daughter there so she could see all the animals she looks at in her books. Her favourite animal is the national Kiwi – she even has a soft toy that she picked out herself, so I wanted to show her them most of all. It was totally pitch black in the enclosure because they’re nocturnal so I didn’t get a good picture of her seeing them but she loved it! It was feeding time and they came right up to the glass. Overall it was a very full on but exciting day and I will definitely be taking her back sometime this year!

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